I can remember the first time we did audio chat. My heart was racing fast and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The way we sounded like we were in high school all giddy.

The way your voice carries through my ears and body.

The way you said slippers.

How you slept and your phone just dropped to the side.

The way you dropped your bags just to call me right away.

The way you shared with me about your day and what you did.

How you run around when you are shy.

When our eyes meet, time stops until we smiled or kissed.

They way you sat across the table in the mornings looking so serious before having coffee.

They way we can talk about serious matters but at the same time crack a joke just to make the other one smile.

The way “Babe” sounds coming out of your mouth.

How you let your walls down and shared with me your vulnerable moments with me.

The way you are willing to grow with me.

The way you never complain about coming to Cubao just to spend time with me.

I love you because with me, you stepped out of your comfort zone.

I love you because you have you give me butterflies in my stomach all the time (no not because of PH food poisoning)

I love you because you are thoughtful in giving me presents because you thought about me.

I love you because you are kind hearted.

I love you because you are mature and yet know how to have fun.

I love you because when you’re streaming and I actually make you laugh, you do that tight cornered smile and your nose shines a bit while your eyes gets more asian (Wow So racist)

I love that we have our own jokes and we can tell what the other one is going to say.

I love that out of the sea of thousands, you don’t lose sight of me.

I love you because you are willing to take a great leap of faith with me.

I love you that when you are scared you’re not afraid to show that side of you with me.

I love you because you remind us to keep going because we have to.

I love you because you make time to message me or leave posts for me to know you’re thinking about me or to let me know it’s ok for now.

I have so much more to say about loving you but I want you to stop reading this and start messaging me so I can have time with you during your poop 🙂

Hi, I’m the shit cause I get pooping time. Lamaw.